South End Apartment Market Report

The South End apartment rental market is one of the most exclusive and expensive markets in all of Boston.  It has consistently been among the top 3 most expensive neighborhoods in the city, and apartment supply is typically among the lowest in Boston.  Its close proximity to downtown combined with the endless dining and entertainment options for residents makes it one of Boston’s most attractive neighborhoods.  Combine that with the beautiful Victorian style row homes that line the streets, renters can expect to pay a premium to rent a South End apartment.  

The South End has a long and diverse history dating back to the 1850s.  Over the past 50 years, this tight knit community has emerged as one of Boston’s most trendy neighborhoods, and is widely considered to be the cultural epicenter of Boston.  Home to some of city's best restaurants and situated among a thriving art scene, residents of South End rarely have to leave to enjoy the best of Boston.  Maybe that’s why renters tend to hold on to their units and not let go.

Apartment Vacancy Rate and Inventory in South End Boston

The Real-Time Availability Rate (RTAR) in the South End is currently 3.17%, among the lowest of all neighborhoods in Boston.  Comparing that to the City’s RTAR of 4.91%, the South End’s apartment inventory is a sizable 35% lower than Boston’s supply as a whole.  Out of the 2,052 apartments in our real-time database, only 63 are available or set to become available in the upcoming months.  


Town Neighborhood Total Apartments Total Available Non Luxury Real Time Availability Rate Total Vacant Non Luxury Real Time Vacancy Rate
All Areas 151892 3246 4.52% 716 1.00%
City Of Boston 122402 2289 5.40% 399 0.94%
Outside Boston 31058 957 3.25% 317 1.08%
BOSTON - SOUTH END 2048 61 3.15% 13 0.67%
BOSTON - NORTH END 1215 84 7.05% 15 1.26%
BOSTON - SOUTH BOSTON 2547 49 1.95% 16 0.64%
BOSTON - NORTHEASTERN/SYMPHONY 2049 266 13.14% 20 0.99%
BOSTON - BACK BAY 2639 73 2.82% 20 0.77%
BOSTON - BEACON HILL 1376 56 4.08% 7 0.51%
BOSTON - DOWNTOWN 783 12 1.71% 6 0.85%
BOSTON - FENWAY/KENMORE 3251 190 5.92% 23 0.72%



Timing is crucial when it comes to finding an apartment in Boston, and the South End is no exception.  Due the highly cyclical nature of Boston’s rental market, inventory tends to be highest in the months of January through March, however the South End’s season of highest availability tends to extend a bit longer into Mid April.  Renters looking for the most options in the South End should start looking the second week of January and expect to start running out of options towards the end of April.  For renters looking for the lowest prices but fewer options, September is the time you may be able to find a discounted unit, as landlords drop their prices after missing out one the 9/1 leasing cycle.  With inventory being as limited as it is in the South End, don’t expect to find many options available in the South End in September.  

Average Rent Prices in South End

Given its location and cultural offerings, it should come as no surprise that rent prices in the South End are among the highest in the city and surrounding areas.  For renters looking for smaller units like 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, average rent prices in South End are the 3rd highest in the city at $2,658 and $3,308 respectively, behind only Downtown and South End.  For renters looking for a 4 bedroom apartment, South End remains the most expensive neighborhood in the city by a long shot at $5,564.  

Town Neighborhood Studio Apartment 1BR Apartment 2BR Apartment 3BR Apartment 4BR Apartment 5 BR Apartment
All Areas $1,802.00 $2,155.00 $2,565.00 $3,094.00 $3,798.00 $4,558.00
City Of Boston $1,826.00 $2,192.00 $2,604.00 $3,088.00 $3,738.00 $4,466.00
Outside Boston $1,709.00 $2,076.00 $2,493.00 $3,104.00 $3,916.00 $4,712.00
BOSTON - SOUTH END $2,046.00 $2,634.00 $3,265.00 $3,964.00 $5,485.00 $6,000.00
BOSTON - NORTH END $1,918.00 $2,309.00 $2,948.00 $4,092.00 $5,522.00  
BOSTON - SOUTH BOSTON $1,985.00 $2,166.00 $2,792.00 $3,609.00 $4,687.00 $6,259.00
BOSTON - NORTHEASTERN/SYMPHONY $1,939.00 $2,652.00 $3,234.00 $4,098.00 $5,188.00 $6,519.00
BOSTON - BACK BAY $2,008.00 $2,673.00 $3,614.00 $4,725.00    
BOSTON - BEACON HILL $1,867.00 $2,392.00 $3,010.00 $4,419.00 $4,900.00  
BOSTON - DOWNTOWN $2,368.00 $2,733.00 $3,928.00 $4,450.00    
BOSTON - FENWAY/KENMORE $1,870.00 $2,392.00 $2,972.00 $3,965.00 $5,025.00 $6,070.00

You may be able to find a good deal on a 3 bedroom or studio apartment in the South End depending on when you look, as prices for these are relatively more reasonable than some of the other neighborhoods near downtown.  While apartment turnover is notoriously low in the South End, if you partner with a knowledgeable real estate agent you may be able to be among the first to know when a new unit becomes available.  

Comparing prices year over year, there are some interesting trends to note as far as rent prices in South End are concerned.  The average rent price for a 1 bedroom apartment jumped a significant 7.58% compared to this time last year, suggesting greater demand for smaller units.  Conversely, rent prices for 2 bedroom apartments actually dipped slightly, while 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom units showed slow and steady growth similar to that of the city as a whole.  The charts below highlight the current rent prices for apartments in South End and Boston, as well as their year over year change in rent price.

$2,634 $3,265 $3,964 $5,485
4.49% -2.91% 0.46% 1.07%
$2,192 $2,604 $3,088 $3,738
2.29% 2.48% 1.11% 1.60%


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