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Do you own rental property in the South End of Boston? If so, you probably know how challenging it is to maintain peak profits and minimize vacancies. Even though the South End is a massively popular neighborhood, landlords lose money every day when they need to fill vacancies on short notice, list during off-peak market cycles, or blindly guess rental pricing that doesn’t reflect current market trends. What is worse, most landlords miss out on getting significantly higher monies when renting by the room during certain market conditions or situations. The good news? If you list South End apartments by the room, you can make more money and save tons of time! is part of Boston Pads, the largest real-time apartment database and real estate technology platform in New England. We are a group of established landlords, real estate professionals and technology experts who know how hard your job is and how important having accurate information can be to your bottom line. That’s why we’ve spent over a decade developing powerful, innovative solutions like our Roommate Matching Database. When you list Boston apartments by the room, you can increase returns by 10 to 30%. And we make it easy to do. Whether you have an empty multi-room apartment, an apartment shared by tenants with one or two empty rooms, or a short-term sublet, we can help. We’ll list your apartments by the room, scan our database for Roommate Profiles of apartment-hunters, and send your listings to potential tenants whose needs match yours. Landlords and tenants alike trust us because we check for lease length, move-in date, rent budget, and even lifestyle compatibility factors. We can even coordinate your existing tenants meet new potential tenants. In short, we have you covered in every step of the renting process.

But we don’t just match and pool Boston roommates. With South End Apartments, you can reduce your digital marketing work load to just a few clicks! The Boston Pads database posts your listings to any of more than 80 locally-optimized sites that get the most aggregate web traffic of any similar local websites in the Boston area. If your listing fits the parameters of one of our sites, we’ll post it there. The same goes for our social media pages on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and national listing platforms like Craigslist, Hot Pads, and Zillow. If there is a place to post your listing out there that will help it get rented; we will syndicate for you. We have built software and have the teamwork in place to save you countless hours in hit or miss postings. There’s no better way to reach more potential tenants at once!

Our database is more than just a marketing tool. Upon request, we can refer you to one of the many licensed real estate agents found in the Boston Pads professional network. These agents are happy to help you understand our real-time data and figure out how to make market trends work for you. We put you in touch with solution providers, it may be that listing by the room, at a different rent price, or with a shorter or longer lease length, will make the biggest difference in your return on investment. Don’t fly blind – let our superior data guide your business practices. The agents found on South Boston Apartments can even help you prepare move-in paperwork with tenants!

There’s truly no better resource to find tenants for apartments in the South End. Fill out the form below and find out how we can help you!